10 Types Of Bogan

Ok so, if you’re Australian or familiar with Australia, then you would have heard of the term “Bogan”.  But what is a Bogan? Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary a Bogan is defined as being “An unfashionable, uncouth, or unsophisticated person, esp. regarded as being of low social status.” This may be the belief of some but is it true?


Truth is, it’s a description of some, possibly even most Australian Bogans but not all.  You may or may not be aware but there are many types of Bogan, different levels or classes of Bogan if you like.  Some Bogans can be spotted a mile away, while others are less obvious to the eye, especially when in work attire.  Though, in saying that, we can all agree Bogans tend to model their own “uniform” which happens to be a good Bogan identifier.


The Male Bogan tends to wear, blueys (workmen singles), flannelette shirts, band or slogan t-shirts or singlets, topless,  Australian rules football shorts, tacky worn board shorts, worn and/or ripped denim jeans, fleece track pants, with either thongs (flip flops) or ugg boots, the Bogan males hair is long and messy, generally in the style of a mullet.  The female Bogan will wear anything and usually a hard Bogan to categorise, some opt for the less is best approach to fashion (regardless of her figure), while others opt for the leggings with anything look. Either look is then either accompanied with messy hair and no make-up or an overboard war with Crayola, jingling like an elf.


But the hardest of all to categorise, is the Bogan that blends in. Yes that’s right, some Bogans take pride in their public appearance but tend to slip into “Bogan Uniform” at family events.  So, unless you know this Bogan personally, they are hard to identify. Until they open their mouths that is.  You can dress up the Bogan, but you can’t change the Bogan.  So let’s take a look at some of the different types of Bogan we encounter every day.

cashed up bogan

The Cashed up Bogan

The cashed up Bogan tends to have a good paying job either in the mines, in a bar, hooking/stripping or dealing drugs.  He may also be a “5minute cashed up Bogan” who got he’s money via compo claim or inheritance. We generally spot the cashed up Bogan driving the latest HSV or a classic like the Torana.  He generally lives in the “nicer” areas of the hood. But that being said, the cashed up Bogan has been known to move into posher neighbourhoods.  You will know when a Bogan moves in nearby, burnouts and screaming will increase dramatically.  The cashed up Bogan tends to wear name brand clothes, sunnies and thongs, he can also afford new teeth.  He frequents places like the local pub, races, sporting events and a regular at Macca’s. But thanks to Jetstar, the cashed up Bogan is now a frequent flyer to Bali.

bondi bogan 2

The Bondi Bogan

The Bondi Bogan like the cashed up Bogan generally has a job. Usually earning less than the cashed up Bogan the Bondi Bogan’s tend to live together near the beach in Sydney, however they can be found at other beaches around Australia.  We will usually find the Bondi Bogan wearing name brand board shorts thongs and sunnies, generally with long more Kurt Cobain then mullet hair.  He usually has a dog, and drives a commodore wagon with the back seat down to fit he’s surfboard. The female Bondi Bogan is very similar but wears a bikini, mostly without the board shorts and sometimes without the top.

rev head boganThe Rev Head Bogan

I think it’s safe to say most Rev Head Bogans own a v8, and all have owned one or intend too. They love all things motors, power and speed. They love it, live it and breathe it every day taking any opportunity to do a skid or floor it when out driving. They will be at every local speedway and other related events. They will be at every car show and shine, you can bet your bottom dollar on it, and at home you bet they have the v8’s on. They collect car and porn magazines like women collect Cosmo and women’s day. It’s not just limited to cars either motor bikes, go-carts, trucks, boats, jet-ski, grandads buggy, the list goes on.  The Rev Head likes to wear a cap and sunnies, driving he’s modified sports Holden or refurbished classic with seat wound all the way back, giving the elusion Dicky Knee’s behind the wheel.

outback bogan 2The Outback Bogan

The outback Bogan is possibly the roughest of all Bogans. He’s usually not a fan of the city life and is found in more rural locations.  He’s a big wearer of the short, flanny and thong attire but will throw on a bluey if it’s too hot, he wears an Akubra, and boots if he’s going bush.  He usually owns a dog and works on a station, truck driving or roo shooting.  Even if he’s not a roo shooter, he probably owns a rifle and frequents the bush with he’s mates for some VB and hunting. He is a beer fan and can drink most people under the table, he frequents the local outback pub and is a massive fan of country music.  While very loud spoken, abrupt and armed, the outback Bogan is a rather top bloke.

middleclass bogan.jpgThe Middle class Bogan

The middle class Bogan is a family Bogan who can usually be found at macca’s on payday, closely followed by the op shops.  They usually have part-time or casual jobs, smoke a lot of pot and drink mostly bourbon, these family Bogan’s tend to host and attend a lot of backyard BBQ’s and at community events tend to dominate the BBQ areas.  We will usually see the middle class Bogan stressed out, driving a 10-15 year old commodore loaded with screaming kids.

patriotic boganThe patriotic Bogan

Our favourite Bogan, the patriotic Bogan. He is all about Aussie pride, he wears Australian flag or Southern Cross shirts and singlets, shorts and thongs, head to toe Australian flag.  They love Southern Cross tattoos and car window stickers, they will also attach a flag to their cars. They tend to attend Australia day events, get drunk and turn racist.  They are often very passionate about Australian political issues but generally have no idea what’s going on but hey they’ll make a sign and attend a protest rally any day.

fashion savvy bogan.jpgThe Fashion Savvy Bogan

Ok so most if not all Bogans don’t stand well in the fashion industry, some happen to be more horrendous then others, how some of the Bogan trends came about is beyond me.  I can understand the thong being acceptable footwear in Australia but the Ugg Boot? C’mon, we’ve got Bogans wearing jeans and Ugg Boots, Leggings and Ugg Boots, Miniskirts and Ugg Boots, its insane Ugg boot crazy.  Leggings have gone overboard in the Bogan community, no colour combination, no pattern, no crop top is off limits with leggings, it’s a total fashion disaster.  In some shopping centres in Australia, we need to double check the circus isn’t in town.

poverty boganThe Poverty Stricken Bogan

The poverty stricken Bogan is usually the easiest to pick. Usually wearing hand me down, worn and ripped clothing, their unemployed and big uses of the bus and other public transports.  They tend to stick to their local suburbs, frequent charities and smoke a lot of pot even though they can’t afford it. The poverty stricken Bogan will most likely stay this way as they tend to come across as unemployable but they seem to be happy.

redneck boganThe Hillbilly Bogan

The Hillbilly Bogan is very close to a hippy he smokes more pot then he drinks beer, however he is not above the use of any other drug in the book either.  He usually sells used cars, or car parts, grows and sells pot or picks fruit for a living. Most hillbilly bogans have missing teeth, have mullet hair styles, wear band shirts usually older rock/metal bands e.g. Metallica, Pantera, AC/DC, jeans with their butt cracks hanging out (G-strings on show for the lady hillbillies) and are mostly Collingwood supporters. The Hillbilly Bogan is usually seen driving a ford, yes that’s right, believe it or not some Bogans like fords and these Bogans happen to be hillbillies.

junkie bogan.jpgThe Junkie Bogan

The worst Bogan of all we can all agree is the Junkie Bogan, the regular user of needles and pills.  The Junkie lives for he’s drugs, nothing else matters, everything in life is about their next hit, they will do anything for drugs and I mean ANYTHING.  They have no shame at all about their habit they will talk about it anywhere and everywhere, all of their friends are Junkies and you can count on them stopping by at 6am on payday.  They steal anything from anybody including their own Nan with no remorse, no regret, they care about no-one but themselves. They know every scam out there to get more money, and you can count on a junkie to know exactly what time your money will go into any bank on payday.  You can usually see a junkie wearing raggy, dirty clothes, a shaved or messy hair, and sunken face, dark eyes, covered in sores.  Junkies come pretty darn close to Zombies in appearance.


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